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Curriculum and Courses in Urban Ecosystems (CCUE)

In Spring 2022, UM-Dearborn was one of the 4 Michigan postsecondary institutions selected to participate in the Curriculum and Courses in Urban Ecosystems (CCUE) program. This program represents a partnership with the John N. Gardner Institute to improve students outcomes in high-risk courses.

What is Curriculum and Courses in Urban Ecosystems (CCUE)?

The Courses and Curricula in Urban Ecosystems (CCUE) project’s broad goal is to eliminate race/ethnicity and family income as the best predictor of who succeeds in gateway courses and the broader curricula of which those courses are a part. 

Expected Outcomes

During the 2-year initiative, CCUE will operate as a Networked Improvement Community (NIC), involving faculty and staff from a cohort of colleges and universities focused on improving equitable outcomes in Gateway courses and the curricula of which they are a part. This effort combines the Gardner Institute Curricular Analytics Community and Gateways to Completion to address systemic issues that negatively impact student success.

  • The CCUE project will expand access and success for low-income and underrepresented students 
  • Address limitations of previous gateway course redesign work the Gardner Institute has undertaken
  • The project will offer – through the work of Motivate Lab and Damour systems – ways to implement learning mindset strategies and curricular redesign efforts with scientific rigor and fidelity of implementation across the courses.

UM-Dearborn CCUE Targeted Courses

  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice 

UM-Dearborn CCUE Committee Members

  • Marilee Benore, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
  • Paul Draus, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
  • Susan Everett, College of Education, Health, and Human Services
  • Jessica LaGrange, Director of Academic Success
  • Pam McAuslan, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
  • Nehal Patel, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
  • Mitchel Sollenberger, Associate Provost
  • Carla Vecchiola, Director, HUB for Teaching and Learning


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