Open Education Campus Committee

The charge of the Open Education Committee (OEC) is to explore, learn about, and support all things Open in the disciplines and fields in higher education. This includes Open Educational Resources (OERs) as well as Open Pedagogies and Open Practices. The work of the committee is:

(1) To better understand the Open Education ecosystem;

(2) To responsibly use data to investigate and assess usage and trends in Open Education, both locally and broadly;

(3) To recommend, promote, and support appropriate Open resources/pedagogies/practices on the UM-Dearborn campus;

(4) To share and contribute to the wider Open community. To this end, the committee will strive to increase awareness, education, and critical evaluation related to Open resources/pedagogies, and will incentivize and support the adoption and creation of Open resources/pedagogies.

Upcoming Educational Opportunities

Open Education Conference 2022 promotional image with dark grey background featuring white text with rainbow accents. Text includes conference theme "Rise to Action" above the bold words "Register Now!" and conference dates Oct 17-20, 2022.
Open Education Conference 2022 Logo with text "Oct 17-20, 2022", "Register Now!" and the conference theme, "Rise to Action."

In line with our  mission and charge to “better understand the Open Education ecosystem” and “To recommend, promote, and support appropriate Open resources/pedagogies/practices on the UM-Dearborn campus”, co-chairs Raya Samet and Autumm Caines are excited to invite faculty and staff to apply for an OE Education grant in order to attend the Open Education Conference. 

While the deadline for this grant is rolling in order to accommodate a variety of educational opportunities, the deadline to apply for the OEC 2022 conference is October 7th. 

Committee Members

As of September, 2021, the Open Educational Resources (OER) Taskforce has been reconfigured as a standing campus committee (funded by and housed in the Mardigian Library) reporting to the Office of the Provost. The current committee members are:

  • Autumm Caines (co-chair), Instructional Designer [Hub for Teaching and Learning];
  • Lynda Dioszegi, Asst. Director and Senior Advisor for First Year Initiatives [Student Advising & Resource Team];
  • Belen Garcia, Instructional Designer [Hub for Teaching and Learning];
  • Aamina Rehman, Student Government Representative;
  • Raya Samet (co-chair), Assoc. Librarian [Mardigian Library];
  • Amy Seipke, Assoc. Librarian [Mardigian Library];
  • Mengqi Wang, Assoc. Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering [CECS];
  • Alan Wiggins, Assoc. Professor of Mathematics [CASL].

The committee is open to service from interested faculty, staff and students. Please see the mission and structure documents for more information about expectations and roles of committee members, and send an email to the committee to express interest in serving.

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