Early Warning Program

The Early Warning Program is designed for faculty to communicate with Academic Advising and the Office of Academic Success about students who show early signs of struggle with course content, attendance, or are underperforming and without intervention would be at risk of failing the class.  Students who receive an early warning are connected with individualized support services to help them be successful on our campus.  This program is designed to help students succeed at the University of Michigan - Dearborn!

Early Warning Response Workflow

Alert ReasonTask(s) Assigned to Student Office(s) ResponsibleStudent Directed Back to Faculty?Feedback Provided to Faculty*
Poor performance on a test or significant assignment 

Review tutoring services 

Contact professor 

Office of Academic SuccessYes Yes
Missing/Late assignmentCheck Canvas / Syllabus AdvisingNoNo
Attendance concernMake appt with advisorAdvisingNoYes 
Participation concernContact professorAdvisingYes Yes
Tutoring recommendedReview tutoring services Office of Academic SuccessNoYes 
Low mid-term grade

Review tutoring services 

Contact professor 

Make appt with advisor

Office of Academic Success


Other No task assigned to student due to the wide variety of reasons this alert can generate

Academic concerns triaged by Office of Academic Success

All other concerns triaged by Dearborn Support 


*Please note, as this feature is being piloted, you may not hear back for every submission 



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