Engaging Together, Through a Common Read

The UM-Dearborn Community Read is a campus initiative to instill a joy of learning, critical thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration, and engagement within our community - by coming together through a common, campus read.

The 2021-22 Community Read is Separated: Family & Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid. 

Incorporation of the Community Read into course curricula across campus creates common intellectual experiences for students University-wide. The campus Community Read was selected by the Faculty Senate's First Year Experience Committee. The selected text is engaging to read and is interdisciplinary in nature, allowing faculty from all disciplines to include it in this year's courses and assisting students in seeing how learning in various classes blends together for a more comprehensive outlook.

Check back regularly for additional resources, events, and information!

Faculty Senate First Year Experience Committee
  • Co-chair: Holly Sorscher, Academic Affairs: Interim Associate Director, Mardigian Library (Term expires 08/31/2022)

  • Co-chair: Margaret Willard-Traub, Academic Affairs: CASL Composition & Rhetoric (Term expires 08/31/2022)

  • Katherine LaCommare, Academic Affairs: CASL Biology (Term expires 08/31/2022)

  • Margaret Rathouz: Academic Affairs: CASL Mathematics (Term expires 08/31/2022)

  • Anna Muller, Academic Affairs: CASL History (Term expires 08/31/2023) 

  • Lynda Dioszegi, Student Affairs, Senior Advisor, START, ex officio

  • Amy Finley, Student Affairs: Dean of Students, ex officio

  • Tyler Guenette, Student Affairs: Interim Associate Director of Student Life, ex officio

  • John Burklow, Enrollment Management: Admissions Counselor, (for Amal Qureshi, Enrollment Management: Assistant Director for Orientation, on leave) ex officio

Share your questions with the author

Dear Students, 

We hope you will join us for the 2021-22 Community Read! Our selection is Separated: Family & Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid by William D. Lopez.  

We would love for you to share your ideas about the book via FlipGrid with each other and with the author, who may respond to some questions and comments. Your FlipGrid recording can be general impressions, a detailed analysis, a comparison, or specific questions.

Use the instructions to post your questions to FlipGrid. FlipGrid will be open until March 3, but the sooner you post your thoughts, the more people can benefit from your insights. (Professor Lopez also may be more likely to reply to earlier comments.) 

·    Go to this FlipGrid: https://flipgrid.com/f68da867

·    In the Description field, use a few words to identify your comment or question   

·    FlipGrid has a 5-minute max, so please keep your questions shorter than that. 

·    Imagine Professor Lopez and/or some of your peers are facing you! Please be welcoming, warm and conversational.

·    Your comfort with being on camera is important, so you can pixelate your image, use emojis

      or stickers, point your camera at an object, use a puppet―whatever you prefer!

·    To learn about FlipGrid, go to: https://help.flipgrid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051542894 

Please stay tuned for more events related to our Community Read! 


Faculty of the 2021-22 Community Read/First-year Experience Committee


Office of Student Life

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