Senate Membership

Senate Membership 2022-2023

Membership in Faculty Congress, Faculty Senate, and Faculty Senate Council is defined in articles III.3, IV.2, and V.2 of the University of Michigan-Dearborn Campus By-Laws (2022). Members of Faculty Senate Council are elected by and from Faculty Senate voting members. See: Information for Senators & Information for Alternates


Faculty Senate Chair Bruce Maxim (to 08/31/2024)
Faculty Senate Vice-Chair Sheila Smith (to 08/31/2024)
CASL Representative Michael Dabkowski (to 08/31/2023), alternate John Chenoweth
CECS Representative Amanda Esquivel (to 08/31/2023), alternate Fred Feng
CEHHS REPresentative David R Hill (to 08/31/2023), alternate kirsten darA hill
COB REPRESentative Hung-chung su (to 08/31/2023), alternate Young ro


Faculty Senate Chair: BRUCE R. MAXIM, CECS (to 08/31/2024), alternate GEORGES AYOUB  (PER bylaws the chair only votes to break a tie; the alternate votes to represent the college).
Faculty Senate Vice Chair: SHEILA R. SMITH, CASL at-large (to 08/31/2024), alternate MAHESH AGARWAL
Amanda Esquivel, CECS, (to 08/31/2025), alternate Hafiz Malik
Michael Dabkowski, CASL-M/S, (to 08/31/2025), alternate Jennifer Zhao
David R Hill, cehhs, (to 08/31/2023), alternate Seong Hong
Hung-Chung su, cOB, (to 08/31/2024), alternate Yan Alice Xie
Arlo Clark-Foos, casL at-large (ACTING to 08/31/2023)
Erik Bond, cASL-LCA (to 08/31/2025), alternate Nicholas Iannarino
Anda Botoseneanu, cehhs & CEHHS executive committee liaison (to 08/31/2024), alternate Seong Hong
John Chenoweth, cASL-bsci (to 08/31/2024), alternate Patrick Beauchesne
Daniel Davis, CASL-at large (to 08/31/2025), alternate Vadym Pyrozhenko (acting TO 05/31/2023)
Francine Dolins, CASL-at large (to 08/31/2025), alternate Jamie Wraight
Amanda Esquivel, CECS  (to 8/31/2025), alternate hafiz malik
Fred Feng, CECS (to 8/31/2025), alternate Shengquan Wang
Kirsten Dara Hill, cehhs (to 8/31/2024), alternate Seong Hong
Xiaohua Shannon li, Casl-nsci (to 08/31/2023), alternate Marilee Benore
Zhixin Jason Liu, cob and COB executive committee liaison (to 08/31/2025), alternate Nicholas Vlisides
Emily Luxon, casl-ssci (to 08/31/2024), alternate Vadym Pyrozhenko
Mark Radosevich, casl-at large and CASL executive committee liaison (to 08/31/2024), alternate Caleb Siefert
Young K Ro, COB (to 08/31/2023), alternate Yi Maggie Guo 
Raya Samet, LIB (to 08/31/2023), alternate Christopher Spilker
Meng-Qi Wang, Cecs (To 8/31/2023), alternate Eric Ratts
Non-voting Members (2 Elected, 6 ex officio)
Domenico Grasso, Chancellor (ex officio)
Gabriella Scarlatta, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (ex officio), alternates Mitch Sollenberger and Maureen linker
Claudia K Walters, Lecturer-at-large representative (to 08/31/2023), alternate Judith Bazzi (Elected)
Jill Darling, Lecturer-at-large representative (to 08/31/2025), alternate Raji Janakiraman (elected)
HARMONY REPPOND, Senate Assembly (ex officio; to 04/30/20225, alternate HUNG-CHUNG SU
Wessam Elmeligi, Senate Assembly (ex officio; to 04/30/2023), alternate Warren Anderson
pamela pennock, Senate Assembly (ex officio; to 04/30/2023), Alternate Kalyan Kondapalli
Ya Sha (Alex) Yi, Senate Assembly (ex officio; to 04/30/2024), alternate Yi-Su Chen
Keisha Blevins, Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor
Mitch Sollenberger, Associate Provost
Maureen Linker, Associate Provost
Barbara Matthei, Faculty Retirees representative (ARFS; to 08/31/2024), alternate Don Anderson
DARENA MATTI, Student Government President (ex officio; to 05/01/2024), Alternate Jana Rida
Faculty Senate Secretary, Karen F Dimanche Davis