Alumni Society Board

UM-Dearborn Alumni Society is a non-dues paying society serving all UM-Dearborn graduates.

Board Mission:  Increase alumni engagement by supporting Alumni Affiliate groups and advising the Alumni Engagement Office on best practices and strategies.

Board Leadership:
David Knezek, Chair, '12 CASL
Kevin Blue, '07 CASL, '09 COB, '12 CASL
Ibrahim Elmezain, '12 COB
Kristen Lewis, '10, '13 CASL
Shannon Parsons, '14 CASL
Daniell Patterson, '90 COB
Bryan Peckinpaugh, '97 COB
Eric Sadek, '04 CASL
Nicole Scott, '04 CASL
Fareed Shalhout, '14 CASL
Paul Traub, '81 COB
Christopher Tremblay, '14 CEHHS
​​​David Yesh, '83 CASL
​​​Affiliate Representatives:
Erin Byrnes, '07 CASL, CASL Alumni Affiliate
Manall Farhat, '12 COB, COB Alumni Affiliate
Jerel Jones, '14 CASL, African American Alumni Affiliate
Chelsea Smallish, '13 COB, Graduates of the Last Decade
Abeer Yassine, '16 CEHHS, CEHHS Alumni Affiliate
Kenneth Yesh, '17 CECS, CECS Alumni Affiliate
Student Representatives:
Marc Hester, Student Philanthropy Council
Jordan Wohl, Student Government​​​​​​​

To learn more about how you can become involved, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at or 313-593-5131.

  • Cristina Frendo, Director of Alumni Engagement
  • AJ Haduch, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
  • Diane Sigler, Alumni Engagement Specialist

Alumni Engagement Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mentoring
  • Guest Lecturer
  • Community Service

U-M Alumni Association Connections

Alumni Association of the University of Michigan is a dues paying Association serving alumni from all three U-M campuses.

Office of Alumni Engagement

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