The Department of Education offers instruction in the art and science of teaching and educational leadership to prepare students for positions of responsibility in their communities.

The Department of Education is an academic unit offering bachelor's, master's, specialist and doctoral degrees, and professional courses of study including certificate programs. The facilities on campus, local school districts, public agencies and private corporations are regularly utilized to provide students with a rich spectrum of clinical and community-based experiences.

Vision:  We endeavor to research and lead in the education of children, youth, and adults who will contribute to the development of inclusive, diverse, equitable, and sustainable communities.

Mission:  We are committed to understanding and preparing culturally sustaining, reflective professionals through community engagement in diverse educational contexts to promote academic excellence and opportunity through innovative and responsive programming.

Each year, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) administers a system for determining "Educator Preparation Institution (EPI) Performance Scores" for all colleges and universities in Michigan that prepare K-12 teachers.  The EPI performance scores are based on three areas:  1) Effective Classroom Teaching, 2) Continuous Improvement, and 3) Educator Effectiveness.  We are very proud to have once again received the highest rating for 2017.

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

253 - Fairlane Center South
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