Many CEHHS students begin their academic careers in community colleges or at other four-year institutions and then transfer to UM-Dearborn to complete their preparation

The following resources provide information about the process of transferring to UM-Dearborn and the College of Education, Health, and Human Services for those students who want to complete their preparation in areas such as elementary or secondary education, children and families, or health and human services fields.

Prospective UM-Dearborn CEHHS students may contact the CEHHS Office of Student Success for Academic Advising.

  • 2+2 Degree Completion Programs

    The College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS) will accept specific Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees from accredited community colleges to be applied towards specified degree programs here within CEHHS.  Please see the memorandums below for the details on the different 2+2 degree completion options we currently have available.

    Instructional Technology Bachelors of Science

    The undergraduate major in Instructional Technology prepares students to develop the knowledge and skills to improve learning by using technology across a broad spectrum of employment settings.

    Learn more about how your Associate of Applied Sciences degree in instructional technology or a technology related field can be applied towards this degree.

    Health and Human Services Bachelors Degrees

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is uniquely positioned to admit and enroll students who have earned specific Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees from accredited community colleges. Students with AAS degrees in health or human services related fields have the opportunity to apply their degrees to any and all bachelor’s degrees offered by the HHS department.

    Learn more about how your AAS degree can be applied to one of our HHS undergraduate degrees.

  • Community College Transfer Credits

    University of Michigan-Dearborn will accept a total of 62 credit hours from the community college to apply to a degree at UM-Dearborn (different institution types vary in maximum applicable credits, see table below). Once admitted only transferrable courses graded C or better can be used toward program requirements.

    Type of Institution Maximum # of Credits
    Applied at UM-Dearborn
    Two-year / Community College 62
    Four-year 75
    University of Michigan Campus 90


  • Office of Admissions & Orientation Transfer Nights

    Transfer Night offers transfer students a convenient time to:

    • Meet one-on-one with an admissions counselor in a 30 minute appointment
    • Review your application and transcripts
    • Receive an on-site admissions decision
    • Learn about academic majors and programs
    • Ask about our Community College Transfer Scholarship

    All events are from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. RSVP at 313-593-5100

  • Transfer Guides for Local Community Colleges

    Transfer guides provide a guide as to which courses to take to best apply to CEHHS programs.

    Find out what courses should take at THE TRANSFER HUB.

  • Transfer Students Information
    Transfer Student Admission Information Find out everything you need to know about admission to UM-Dearborn.
    Transferring Credits We recommend utilizing our Course Transfer System to review many courses that have already been evaluated for transferability (for course applicability consult with an Academic Advisor in your desired program of study).
    Transfer HUB Find specific information about transferring from several local community colleges.
    Schedule a Transfer Visit Schedule a campus visit, or find information about open houses and other transfer-specific information sessions.


Undergraduate Programs

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