Standard Building Hours

The Building Access Policy applies to all buildings and classrooms at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  The Department of Facilities Operations is responsible for updating Standard Building Hours each semester based on classroom schedules and written departmental needs.

Campus Break Building Hours

Most buildings are locked during scheduled Campus Breaks to protect university property.  Building open hours, if any, are listed on the Campus Break Building Status page.

Building Access: Existing MCard Access will continue during the Campus Break.  Requests for new MCard Access must be placed with your Department Access Coordinator at least five (5) business days in advance of the Campus Break.

HVAC Status: When most of the campus community will be off-site, reduced HVAC will reduce our carbon footprint and conserve our financial resources for other important campus needs.  However, the building may not be a comfortable working environment.
If you have MCard Access, please consider this before traveling to campus.

Classroom Access

In order to protect facilities and technology, classrooms will be unlocked each morning by Campus Police and Public Safety when the building opens, and locked each evening when the building closes.

Facilities Operations

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