Faculty Support

Transforming Students: Powering Our Region

They spend hours in the research lab trying to find answers to life’s mysteries.

They challenge their students through innovative teaching inside and outside the classroom.

And they work closely with industry partners to strengthen the southeast Michigan economy.

University of Michigan-Dearborn’s future success lies in its ability to recruit and retain top-tier faculty and researchers. For that reason, the university will encourage donors to make gifts for faculty support.

The future of UM-Dearborn depends to a large extent on its ability to fill its classrooms and laboratories with faculty who are innovative researchers, challenging and inspiring teachers, strong mentors, respected scholars and active partners with business and industry. They, too, are victors for our world.

The goal is to raise $8 million for faculty support.

Difference Makers

Our students are improving the lives of others and making an impact in the community. Meet more Difference Makers.

Amanda Ray
Faculty and staff have definitely been a great resource for me on campus. Not only as [people] I can look to as mentors, but also as people who I can trust to talk to about any issues…they’ve opened their arms and welcomed me since I’ve started at UM-Dearborn.
Amanda Ray, ’14 Health Policy/Philosophy

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Average class size: 26. Almost 70% of all classes have less than 30 students.