Student Support

Transforming Students: Powering Our Region

A scholarship provides more than just money. It offers a sense of hope. It inspires confidence. And it sparks positive change.

Nearly 70 percent of University of Michigan-Dearborn students receive some sort of financial aid. For many, attending UM-Dearborn would not be possible without that help. Tuition assistance helps prepare the Leaders and Best for tomorrow’s challenges, enabling them to pursue their dreams to cure disease, start a business, empower children through education or build electric vehicles.

Students are the heart of our great university. They also are our gift to the future—leaders for our world. Nearly 80 percent of our alumni remain in the region after graduation, making important contributions to the economic, civic and cultural revitalization of southeast Michigan. These business and community leaders are the university’s single greatest achievement and its greatest contribution to the metropolitan area it serves.

That's why student support is a key fundraising priority for the university.

Student Support Fast Facts

  • More than 70 percent of UM-Dearborn undergraduate students receive some sort of financial aid
  • 88% of incoming students receive some form of financial aid to help them enroll in and graduate from college
  • Based on Michigan’s 15 public universities, UM-Dearborn graduates leave the university with the 2nd lowest amount of student loan debt

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