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Transforming Students: Powering Our Region

Eleven years ago, University of Michigan-Dearborn set out to pursue an ambitious goal that had the potential to transform the region.

The university launched its Michigan Difference Campaign with the goal of raising $40 million over four years. UM-Dearborn alumni and friends accepted that challenge and responded in record numbers to help us achieve our fundraising objective.

Their support helped students pay for college. It funded groundbreaking faculty research. And it helped UM-Dearborn expand its outreach across southeast Michigan.

Ten years later and the impact of the Michigan Difference Campaign still resonates across campus. UM-Dearborn has experienced tremendous progress over the past decade, with increased enrollment, additional faculty and research capacity, as well as a number of facility upgrades.

In an effort to continue transforming lives and powering the region, The Victors for UM-Dearborn Campaign was launched with an ambitious fundraising goal of $50 million. The support of our alumni and friends will help the university exceed this objective.

Much of the university’s success lies in students, so they are the first priority in terms of the campaign. UM-Dearborn prides itself on providing students throughout the region with access to an excellent education that will help them succeed after graduation. In fact, nearly 70 percent of UM-Dearborn students receive some sort of financial aid. Our world needs more victors, so student support will remain the top priority over the next four years.

After graduation, many of students will enter the workforce, and will be asked to find innovative and creative solutions to everyday challenges. That is why the university is focused on creating new academic programs and opportunities to support student-directed, cross-disciplinary teaching and learning. The campus’ strength lies in its real-world approach to education, so with the support of alumni and friends, UM-Dearborn plans to launch major campus-wide educational initiatives in the coming years.

In order to carry out those initiatives, learning environments and faculty support will remain key priorities throughout the Victors for UM-Dearborn Campaign. A 21st-century education no longer takes place only in a traditional classroom. That’s why facilities play a major role in promoting a creative learning environment that focuses on collaboration between students and faculty. UM-Dearborn’s future success also lies in its ability to recruit and retain top-tier faculty and researchers. They help shape our victors and prepare them for success in their careers and communities.

Our world needs more victors and UM-Dearborn is working to transform lives and power our region.

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