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Instructor Qualification Form

-Previously: Tenure Stream and LEO Faculty Qualification form.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has adopted minimum standards of academic qualifications for tenure-stream and LEO faculty which are stipulated in the Tenure Stream and LEO Faculty Qualification Policy, approved by the Faculty Senate in December 2016.

The policy stipulates that the primary method for determining the qualifications of faculty is by credentials, meaning all faculty shall have an academic degree relevant to what they are teaching and at least one level above the level at which they teach, except in programs for terminal degrees. There are exception provisions for undergraduate, graduate, and general education instruction.

All faculty-hiring managers must complete the electronic Instructor Qualification Form before making an offer of appointment.

Please complete the form below based on your appropriate college/unit:

Faculty Grievance Procedures

Grievance is available to all faculty members of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, including full-time, part-time, regular, or adjunct instructional staff at all ranks who have problems or complaints about decisions involving any aspect of their employment. While it is hoped that most grievances would be resolved quickly through informal discussions with the grievant's department chair, the formal procedure described in the Faculty Grievance Procedure amended by Faculty Congress and Faculty Senate in April 2015 available should such informal methods not succeed.

It is highly recommended that any faculty member contemplating filing a formal grievance first attempt to resolve the difficulty or complaint through consultation with the UM-Dearborn Faculty Ombudsman.

Instructional staff who want to utilize the grievance process must complete the Faculty Grievance Form 39707 and email it to the Director of Human Resources and the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate.

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