Workplace Illness, Injuries, & Accidents

Employee Injuries and Illnesses

If a worker gets injured while on the job they are encouraged to seek medical attention, if necessary. When the injury is of a serious nature, this can be done by calling UM-Dearborn Public Safety at 313-593-5333 from a mobile phone, or 911 from a campus phone. UM-Dearborn Public Safety will administer first aid and request for an ambulance to send the employee to local ER, if the injury warrants such a response.

If the injury is not serious (mild sprained ankle, etc.), the employee should contact their supervisor, and follow the injury reporting process, below. If the cause of the injury is a safety issue that others may injure themselves similarly (i.e., broken concrete, ice on sidewalk, missing/ loose handrail in stairwell), UM-Dearborn Public Safety should be notified to write up an incident report. The report will initiate corrective actions by generating a Facilities Operations work order. EHS will become involved when notified of the unsafe condition by the police.

If non-emergency medical treatment is needed, the employee is to go to Concentra Medical Center (Allen Park), 17500 Federal Drive, Ste. 750, Allen Park, MI (313-982-1376). This is the assigned clinic for all work-related injuries for the University of Michigan-Dearborn and it provides medical services from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. For after hours non-emergency medical treatment, please go to Concentra Medical Center (Romulus), 11700 Metro Airport Center Drive, Ste. 104, Romulus, MI (734-955-7000). This is a 24 hour, 7 days a week clinic.

Your supervisor will need to complete a Concentra Authorization for Examination or Treatment Form for you to be treated. Take this completed form with you. If you go to the clinic without a form, the clerk will need to call your supervisor for a verbal authorization and a form will need to be faxed or scanned/ emailed to the clinic for treatment to be approved.

If treatment for your injury cannot wait, please go to Henry Ford Fairlane ER if you require immediate care. UM-Dearborn Public Safety will assist by contacting EMS to transport you to the ER. Paperwork can be completed after you are treated in this instance.

Injury reporting process:

When able, the employee needs to notify their direct supervisor of their injury. The supervisor will fill out a Risk Management (Work Connections) Claims Submission Form


Click on "Start a Claim"

  1. The first question on the form says: "What type of incident are you reporting?"
  2. The drop menu will have an option of "Employee Injury or Illness", use this option.
  3. The supervisor will complete the report (click the "submit" button), with the help of the employee.
  4. The completed report goes directly to Risk Management in AA. The supervisor will receive a copy of the report by automatic email.
  5. The supervisor will then forward a copy of the report to UM-Dearborn HR (Kelly Schester, [email protected] ) and EHS ([email protected]) for local record keeping purposes.

For Incidents Involving Non-Employees:

How to Report Incidents Involving Workplace Illness and Injuries/Accidents
and Receive Authorization for Treatment for Non-Employees:

Contact the Public Safety office from any University telephone at x 3-5333 or x 911. Also from any non-University telephone at 313-593-5333 or 911. An Injury Report for Non-Employees form should be completed. These forms are available in the offices of Public Safety and Human Resources Office in the Administration Building. The original should be sent to:

Kelly Schester

4901 Evergreen Rd., 1020 Administration Building

Dearborn, MI 48128-1491 

Work Connections - The Work Connections team will assist you when you experience an injury or illness, either work related or non-work related. Their assistance continues through your recovery and safe return to work. 

FMLA- Family and Medical Leave Act - Learn more about FMLA.

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