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Student Virtual Classes FAQ

Is Disability and Accessibility Services (DAS) still operational?

Yes, DAS is still operating Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. During this time your scheduled appointment will be held remotely via a teleconference private meeting or in person depending on your needs. The DAS Testing Center will be physically open to proctor exams for in person classes where faculty cannot provide you with your accommodations. For testing proctoring information visit our Test Proctoring & Alternative Formatting page.

If you have a question or concern, please email .

What happens now that exams are online? How do I get extended time for an online exam?

DAS Testing Center will not be proctoring exams for online courses. Please communicate with your instructors to discuss your exam accommodations in their courses and give them advanced notice you wish to use your accommodations on an upcoming exam.  DAS is available to instructors and students to consult about unique circumstances for online courses. 

  • Some instructors may opt for alternative assessments (e.g. essays, untimed exams) which would not require exam accommodations.  
  • If your instructor is creating online timed exams, please notify your instructor if you will need extended time prior to the scheduled exams. Faculty are responsible for setting up your extended time in Canvas or their online platforms but can contact us with questions.
I currently have a volunteer note-taker assigned in my in-person class. Now that class is online, will I still receive a copy of the notes?

Once you have learned from your instructor on how they will adapt the course for virtual instruction, please let your note-taker or professor know if you would like to continue receiving notes. 

You may find that you no longer need a note-taker due to the course design changes. For example, lectures that are prerecorded videos can be watched at your own pace. On the other hand, some instructors may still opt for scheduled class meetings with real-time communication.

With the switch to hybrid instruction, I anticipate barriers and would like to request new accommodations. What are my next steps?

If you are not currently registered with DAS, please follow the steps outlined on the DAS Getting Started with Disability Services page.

If you are a DAS-registered student, please schedule a follow up appointment using your My UM-Dearborn student portal. Once you are scheduled if you have a virtual appointment you will login to your student portal and click the "Join Web Meeting" button under your scheduled appointment.

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