Need Help Making a Payment on the Web?

The payment process is easy if you are properly prepared. In order to logon to the secure area within UM-Dearborn Connect, you will be asked to enter your unique name and your password. You will be given a list of options and will be guided through the process. If you enter any invalid data, the system alerts you to the error and prompts you for the correct information.

  1. Open your web browser and begin at the University of Michigan-Dearborn homepage (
  2. Navigate to Students.
  3. Click on View/Pay My Bill.
  4. Select the Payments tab along the upper horizontal menu bar.
  5. Click the green Make a Payment button.
  6. Choose the amount you wish to pay. Pay by term is recommended. The second value in the small text box can be edited to any amount desired.
  7. In the drop down menu, choose to pay by Electronic Check (checking/savings) or by Credit Card via PayPath.  Click Select. 
  8. If Electronic Check was selected, you will be instructed to fill out your account information and select Continue, followed by entering the term and amount.
    If Credit Card via PayPath was selected, you’ll be asked to Continue to PayPath. A new window will open.

If a window does not open, check and see if a yellow information bar appears along the top of your web browser window.  If so, right-click or select the Options button and choose to allow pop-ups or disable the pop-up blocker, then click Continue to PayPath again.  An alternative method would be to hold Ctrl key (or Ctrl & Shift keys depending on browser version) before clicking Continue to PayPath.

  1. For Electronic Check payments, after entering your payment amount and selecting Continue a second time, complete the agreement by clicking I Agree to the above terms and conditions and click Submit Payment. You are finished. Please print the payment confirmation screen.
    For Credit Card payments via PayPath, in the new window that appears, select Continue.
  2. Confirm the payment amount and choose Continue.
  3. Fill out your credit card information and billing information and Continue.
  4. Confirm all entered information and click Submit Payment.  You are finished. Please print the payment confirmation screen.

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