Admitted Graduate Students

Congratulations on your admission to a graduate program at the University of Michigan-Dearborn!

The information below will help guide you through your next steps as you prepare to enroll. If you have further questions regarding next steps, we recommend reaching out to your admitting department for guidance. 

First Steps

  • You have received your congratulatory email from the Director of Graduate Studies. Your admitting department is preparing an official letter to be sent with further details. 

  • Submit your Enrollment Verification Form and $50 enrollment deposit to the Office of Graduate Studies to secure your place in the cohort. 

    Note: In order to have the deposit properly credited to your student account, graduate students should not use the web-based platform intended for undergraduate students.  

  • Email account information will be sent by mail from ITS within two weeks after admission. Activate your account based on instructions provided. University communications are sent to your UMich email account, so be sure to check it regularly!

  • Applicants who plan to enroll as an F1 or J1 visa student must provide additional information upon offer of admission to the Office of International Affairs (OIA), who manages the student visa process and Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). 

    In order for OIA to process an I-20/DS-2019, you must submit documentation indicating that you (or your sponsor) have sufficient funds to support your education at UM-Dearborn. Estimated annual expenses are $44,000 U.S.  All supporting documents must show that you or your financial supporter has at least $44,000 U.S. dollars available.

    You must submit the Financial Affidavit form and an original bank certification (in English) from your financial supporter, converted to U.S. dollars, showing that the account balance of the financial supporter is at least $44,000 (per academic year) to cover the tuition, fees, and living expenses you will incur while attending UM-Dearborn.

    Financial aid is not available to students on F or J visas. Therefore, you must demonstrate full financial support before a UM-Dearborn I-20 form can be issued for you. Also, all F and J visa students must have health insurance that meets U-M requirements for yourself and any accompanying F-2 or J-2 dependents during the entire time you are enrolled.  If you have health insurance that provides coverage that is comparable to the U-M Health International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Plan, you can request a waiver for the health insurance requirement. 

    Any questions should be directed to OIA

Gearing Up

Nearly There

Ready, Set, Go!

Change in Start Term Needed?

  • Applications are valid for one academic year from your initial term of application. If a change in start term is needed, written notification must be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies.  It is recommended that the written notification be received by the advisory deadline for the new requested term of entry.

    If you wish to defer your admission to a different term you must email with your request, program you have applied for, and full legal name. All documents previously submitted will be transferred to the new term along with your admission. If you choose to attend another university in the meantime, your application will require a second review by the Faculty Review Committee with official transcripts from that institution.

    International Students

    If you are in need of a student visa, a new I-20 will need to be issued for the term you select. Additional financial documentation may be required if materials on file are older than one year. 

    In addition, your original I-20 or DS-2019 must be returned to the Office of International Affairs with written confirmation that a deferral has been requested. 

    Office of International Affairs
    4901 Evergreen Road, Room 108 The Union
    Dearborn, MI, 48128

    A new I-20 or DS-2019 will be issued for the requested semester 30 days after the initial I-20 start date:

    • upon approval of the Office of Graduate Studies (if additional courses were taken after the original admit date at another institution, those records must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies )
    • upon receipt of new financial documents (if the original documents will be over one year old at the start of the new admission semester)


    Processing of deferral requests takes 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday). You will receive a confirmation once completed.