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About the Program

The Computer Engineering Bachelor's degree program is designed to provide a thorough educational experience at a basic level to students who meet the admission criteria of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The program offers a 125 credit hour curriculum consisting of required core courses and technical electives, providing hands-on experience with computers, high performance workstations, and other microprocessor-based systems. Students with an interest in pursuing graduate studies and engineers wishing to work in a research and development environment would be encouraged to work on research projects under the supervision of qualified faculty advisors. Co-op opportunities are available after successfully completing a prescribed set of courses.

Computer Engineering deals with design of hardware such as microprocessors, digital circuits and networks and software such as data structures, programming languages and intelligent systems. Computer engineers have the ability to design special purpose hardware and software for specific engineering applications such as robotics, ignition control in an automobile, and software for machine learning and intelligence. Computer engineers are well trained in electronic circuit design.

Computer Scientists address the efficient use of computers for many commercial applications. Computer Scientists deal with data structures, network security, programming languages and compilers. They are well trained in software development.

Curriculum Requirements

Students complete a minimum of 125 curriculum hours and receive a bachelor of science in engineering (BSE) degree in computer engineering.

Please note that beginning in Fall 2015, all freshmen must follow the Dearborn Discovery Core (DDC) requirements. 

Curriculum requirement sheets and sample course sequences are available through the Office of Advising and Academic Success.

BSE-Computer Engineering Curriculum Requirements

General Curriculum Requirements and Sample Course Sequences

Computer Engineering Core Curriculum Chart

Computer Engineering 4+1 Option

The Computer Engineering 4+1 Option allows the most qualified UM-Dearborn undergraduate computer engineering students to earn both the BSE in CE and the MSE in CE in an accelerated format. Admitted students can double-count up to 9 credits of 500-level or above electrical engineering, computer engineering, and robotics engineering elective, core, or cognate courses taken during their junior or senior years. Of these, only one cognate course is allowed.  Please see the College's website for admission requirements and program details.


The BSE in Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

RE Electives

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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