Multicultural Programs & Initiatives are offered at the University of Michigan-Dearborn to promote an inclusive environment. These initiatives support the exploration of difference and its relevance to the development and growth of our campus. 

We are passionate about fostering a safe and inclusive community for all and believe that an essential part of the college experience is learning about other cultures and identities. 

It's important to learn from one another and work together towards removing the racial, ethnic and cultural barriers that exist in our world.

College is the perfect opportunity to explore your own culture and be introduced to a new global perspective.

Signature Programs

Conversations on Race

Conversation on Race is a series designed to expound on the history, issues and topics relative to differences amongst ethnicities and cultures. Activites are structured in various ways to encourage open, honest communication on how our past reflects our present and how our present impacts our future. Scholars, renowned speakers and sometimes celebrities are featured as keynote speakers. Participating in such dialogue is a crucial part of being a member of this University and a citizen of this community.

Global Fest

Global Fest is an annual tradition held in March that uses food, music, entertainment and interactive activities to experience and celebrate cultural diversity on our campus. Together with all of the cultural and ethnic student organizations, the Center for Social Justice and Inclusion provides an insight into global awareness and cross-cultural education. It is a flagship program that is made successful via student organization support and energy. 

Center for Social Justice and Inclusion

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University Center (UC)
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