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Volunteer your time. Our world is waiting for you.

Volunteering: Developing the knowledge, skills, and values for civic and career readiness!

The Office of Student Life, in partnership with student organizations across campus, provides opportunities for students to engage in their local communities. Through mutually beneficial volunteer projects, students are immersed in impactful direct service with members of the surrounding community. 

Volunteering is a two way street -- we are serving and learning simultaneously. Through volunteer projects, not only are we able to address an immediate community need, but we are able to learn about important social issues, how they affect those around us, and how we can more deeply work toward long-term change. 


Track your service hours

As you volunteer throughout your college career, track your experiences and the hours you've committed to your community! Use Victors Link to track your service hours. These experiences are vital as you work toward becoming and active citizen and career ready!

At the end of your time at UM-Dearborn, download your service hour transcript to add to your resume!

1. Click on the link below

2. Login with your student credentials

3. Click on your picture (top right) and click "SERVICE HOURS"  

If your student organization has any upcoming volunteer or civic engagement events or opportunities, please fill out the form below so we can help promote on social media. We want to partner in helping your event be successful and impactful! Email [email protected] with your event details so we can help spread the word.

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