Electronic Course Evaluations

Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly known as EvaluationKIT) is UM-Dearborn's electronic course evaluation system.  Most courses will have course evaluations done within EvaluationKit, but some courses may not be evaluated for specific reasons, such as enrollment being low and therefore not allowing anonymity or the course being an Internship.

Beginning in Fall 2022, UM-Dearborn adopted a set of common course evaluation questions that will be presented for every evaluated course. New procedures outlining the selection of courses, course evaluation availability dates, and usage of course evaluation information were approved in Fall 2023.

Course evaluations are generally available for students to complete during a two week period (one week for half-term courses) before the study day towards the end of each semester.  Evaluation reports available to instructors/administrators are completely anonymous, and are made available to instructors a week after each semester's final grades submission deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Course List: If the course list in Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys is not correct, please contact your department admin or secretary as soon as possible. Courses cannot be changed once the course evaluations open for student responses.
  • Viewing Results: Please see the guide for viewing reports for instructions on finding available reports when logged in to Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys.
  • Technical Issues: Please email [email protected].