Student Response System

UM-Dearborn currently has two approved response systems, TopHat and iClicker Cloud.  Students need to purchase subscriptions to either platform in order to use them.  Faculty using either system in their class should work with the book store to include the appropriate student response system subscription as a required item for the course.


iClicker is an audience response system that allows students to instantly answer questions posed by their instructors. Instructors can use iClickers for interactivity, attendance and/or assessment. Students can purchase a subscription to iClicker Cloud and use the system on their personal devices (phones, tablets or laptops). Instructors should consider the cost to students when choosing this service.

iClicker info for Faculty

Please see the iClicker Cloud Roster and Grade Sync setup guide for information on creating your iClicker course and integrating it with Canvas to populate the class roster and sync grade information

iClicker info for Students

iClicker Cloud is integrated with your course's Canvas course site and grades area.  Please see the iClicker Cloud Student Guide for information on setting up your iClicker account (please note: physical iClicker remotes are not supported at UM-Dearborn).

iClicker Support

For help with iClicker Cloud issues, please contact iClicker support.

Top Hat

Top Hat is a teaching response platform that helps instructors engage their students inside and outside the classroom. It is a software based “Clicker” and digital distribution platform which students access via their existing personal devices (phones, tablets, laptops).  Top Hat may be used within UM-Dearborn Canvas (preferred) or as a separate platform outside of Canvas.

  • Turn students’ internet-connected devices into teaching tools—with Top Hat, there’s no need for additional hardware
  • Take attendance effortlessly and accurately with location-based attendance technology (only students who are actually in class get counted).
  • Engage your class in a more meaningful way—create polls, questions and discussions that encourage participation and conversation, and give you real-time feedback
  • Create interactive homework that provides hints and feedback to help students master their course material.

Students may purchase subscriptions for one semester, one year, or four years.  Subscriptions include access to any and all courses using TopHat during the subscription period.

Top Hat works on the following platforms:

Top Hat info for faculty

To create and set up a Top Hat account and course, follow the instructions in the Faculty Top Hat Quick Start guide and the Advanced Canvas Integration Guide.

Top Hat also offers free services to instructors to facilitate their use of Top Hat, including:

  • One-on-one orientation to Top Hat with a trained Top Hat specialist
  • Two meetings with an instructional designer from Top Hat
  • Online guides and best practices.

Top Hat info for students

To join your instructor's Top Hat course, follow the instructions in the Student Top Hat Quick Start guide.

Top Hat support

For help with any Top Hat issues, please contact Top Hat Support.