UM-Dearborn Canvas Maizey Connector

U-M Maizey is a tool, utilizing OpenAI’s OpenGPT4-Turbo, that allows U-M faculty, staff, and students to enrich their GenAI experience based on a custom dataset they provide.  When using the UM-Dearborn Canvas Connector as the data source, Maizey can be thought of as a chatbot that has specialized knowledge of the course - like a student-peer who has read all the course materials.  It is important to note that both Maizey and the Canvas Connector are new technologies and will be continuously improved over time by the Emerging Technology team at Ann Arbor.

Instructors who would like to have a Maizey created and connected to one of their Canvas courses (an official course or a WIP) may submit a Maizey UM-Dearborn Canvas Connector Request for each course which they would like to have a Maizey created.  Requests will generally be responded to within one business week.

Faculty Questions and Answers

Here are some questions you may have around this new pilot tool: