Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment

What Discrimination and Harassment is Prohibited? 

The University's Discrimination and Harassment policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, disability, religion, height, weight or veteran’s status. 

Caste-based discrimination and/or harassment violates the University’s commitment to ensuring equal opportunity in educational, occupational, and professional advancement, and is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, under U-M SPG 201.35 (Non-Discrimination), and under SPG 201.89-1 (Discrimination and Harassment)

The University also prohibits sexual and gender-based misconduct, including discrimination and discriminatory harassment on the basis of sex, gender identity, gender expression and pregnancy, as well as sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking.  More information about concerns of sexual or gender-based misconduct is available here.  

Who May File a Complaint?

Any person (e.g., faculty, staff, student, visitor, etc.) may report possible discrimination or discriminatory harassment that they experienced while participating in a University program or activity or in their related interactions with members of the University community. 

The University also prohibits retaliation. Contact the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office if you believe you are being retaliated against because you raised concerns about discrimination or discriminatory harassment or provided information/participated in an investigation of reported discrimination or discriminatory harassment.

How to File a Report

A complaint concerning discrimination, discriminatory harassment or retaliation may be filed with the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office online, by email at [email protected] or by phone 313-436-9194.  Reports are received during business hours and urgent situations should be reported to the Department of Public Safety at 9-1-1 or 313-593-5333.  Individuals with concerns about sexual or gender-based misconduct will find additional helpful information here.

Information About the Process for Addressing Reports and Complaints

Detailed information about the process for addressing reports and complaints may be found in the policy.  The following documents are helpful summaries.

Complainant Information

   Information about filing a complaint against a student 

   Information about filing a complaint against a faculty member, staff member or third party 

Respondent Information

   Information for students who are respondents 

   Information for faculty members, staff members and third parties who are respondents 

Flowcharts for Complaints Against an Employee

   Civil Rights Process Overview Chart 

   Civil Rights Investigation Procedural Guidelines 


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