Individuals with Reporting Obligations


To make a report or ask questions about reporting obligations, please contact ECRT at [email protected] or 313-436-9194, or file a report via the online reporting form

To Learn If You Are an IRO: 

This IRO flowchart can help you determine if you are an IRO.  This online training can, as well, and also helps you learn more about your obligations as an IRO and how to handle a disclosure:  Reporting Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct.  

Responding to Disclosures: 

This information sheet contains helpful information about responding to disclosures.  This Our Community Matters resource guide contains helpful information and is a good resource to provide to individuals who come to you with concerns.

IRO Sign: 

You may wish to print off this IRO sign to hang in your office, which may allow individuals to make informed choices about whether to disclose to you.  Please bear in mind that you should still disclose your IRO status as soon as practicable when an individual is disclosing to you, since the individual may not have seen or been able to see the sign, or may not understand what being an "IRO" means.  

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