Sexual or Gender-Based Misconduct

Emergency Assistance/Criminal Complaint:

If you or someone you know is in imminent danger, call 9-1-1. 

For confidential crisis intervention/support, call First Step's 24-hour crisis line at 800-453-5900. 

To file a police report or ask information about the law enforcement process, contact the Department of Public Safety at 313-593-9953 or [email protected].  

To File a Report with the University: 

The University prohibits sexual and gender-based misconduct.  To file a report with the University, contact the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office at 313-436-9194, [email protected] or use this online reporting form. 

You have the option to report to the university, to law enforcement, to both, or neither: 

You decide whether, where and when you file a report. Regardless of what you decide, support and assistance is available to you, including confidential campus resources and resources in the community.  This Our Community Matters resource guide provides more information about reporting, preserving evidence, resources. and about how the university will review reports it receives.  

Confidential Resources:

The University offers confidential resources.  There are also resources in the local community, many of which are confidential.   This Our Community Matters resource guide also provides useful information. 


The University prohibits retaliation.  Contact the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office at 313-436-9194, [email protected] you believe you are being retaliated against because you raised concerns about sexual or gender-based misconduct or participated in an investigation of such concerns.

Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office (ECRT)

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