Giving Blueday 2024

Join us on March 13 as the University of Michigan-Dearborn celebrates a landmark event, the 10th anniversary of Giving Blueday. This special day marks not just a decade of generosity but a legacy of impact.

Since 2014, the unwavering support of our dedicated donors has been nothing short of inspiring. Together, we've raised nearly $700,000, a testament to the extraordinary power of collective giving. These funds have fueled dreams, powered innovation, and transformed lives across our campus and beyond.

Be part of this incredible journey as we continue to shape the future together. Every gift counts, and every story matters. Join us in making a difference! Let's make this Giving Blueday a remarkable milestone in our history of giving!

Join us for Giving Brewday Trivia Night!

Giving Brewday, March 13, Save the date!

Wednesday, March 13, 7:00 pm-9:30 pm

Register today!

Get ready for an exciting night of trivia and fun for a great cause! Join us for Giving Brewday Trivia Night, hosted by UM-Dearborn Athletics.

We have registration options available for everyone, whether you're an individual or a team. Teams can have between 6 to 10 players, so get your players together and get ready for a night of friendly competition. Individuals that don't specify a team will be grouped with others. The cost is $25 per person, a portion of which supports our Athletics program.

Enjoy a great night out. Pizza will be provided, but you are also welcome to bring in your own food - no outside beverages are allowed. Come on down to Dearborn at Downey Brewing, and join us for a night of fun, excitement, and some serious trivia skills - all to benefit UM-Dearborn Athletics. Make philanthropy fun and turn Giving Blueday into Giving Brewday. 

UM-Dearborn Top Ten: Celebrating A Decade of Impactful Journeys

film photos of um-dearborn students

We're calling upon our alumni to bring a slice of your UM-Dearborn journey to life for this Giving Blueday. Dive into your trove of memories and complete the prompt: "You know you graduated from UM-Dearborn when..." Whether it's a heartwarming recollection, a humorous anecdote, or a quintessential 'UM-Dearborn' experience, your memories add to our community.

The top 10 best responses will receive a UM-Dearborn swag bag and be spotlighted on Giving Blueday, becoming a celebrated part of UM-Dearborn's history. The most captivating entry will also score an extraordinary prize – TWO CLUB SEATS at the Michigan football game on Labor Day weekend!

Please avoid using foul language and ensure your responses are appropriate and respectful. Submissions are due March 12 by 11:59 p.m. Please limit 5 entries per person. 

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