Course designation

The Academic Service Learning (ASL) Course Designation program allows ASL courses to be listed in the Course Schedule and notated on student transcripts. Faculty members can apply to have their courses designated as ASL and receive professional development funds when the course is taught.

  • Application, due February 10, 2022, to designate a Fall 2022 course.
  • ​Community Partner Project form.

In order to receive a designation as an Academic Service Learning course, the course should reflect ASL best practices, including:

1. A clear articulation of the substance and meaning of the student service.
2. Learning objectives that relate the service experience to course content.
3. A service project or activities that relate to a need mutually defined by the community partner and the faculty member.
4. A method, formal or informal, by which the community partner evaluates student service.
5. Opportunities for the students to reflect on the service activities/project(s) in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.
6. Course assignments that assess the learning derived from the service; academic credit must be based on learning outcomes, not the service itself.


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