Gaining a college education is the best investment you can make for a successful future.

Here are great examples why earning a college degree does make a difference.

Unemployment Rates and Earnings by Educational Attainment 2016, November, 2016

Unemployment & Pay by Educational Attainment, Nov.. 2016, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 

Pursue a career

Whether it's business, education, engineering, or science, a college education provides the foundation for you to pursue your passion in life. Education allows you to focus on a career pathway, not just getting the next job.

Stand out

Only 26.4% of Michigan's workforce has attained a bachelor's degree and only 10.7% a master's degree. (2016 American Fact Finder, U.S.Census,

Earn more money

College graduates earn more money and have more financial stability on average than high school graduates. (Education Pays, The College Board, 2016,

Education for life

Knowledge is freedom, which lights the path to a bright future. 

Preparation for leadership roles

Success in college requires preparation: learn to express your views, listen to others, and develop your communication skills.

Make a difference

The knowledge, understanding, experience, and friendships gained at college will prepare you to make the difference in the world:

Live healthier and longer

The more education one has, the healthier the lifestyle and longer the life span (Education Pays, The College Board, 2016,

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