Chancellor's Leadership Luncheons

Fall 2014 & Winter 2015

Each semester, Chancellor Little hosts three luncheons for students in which participants engage in exciting conversations about regional, national, and internationally related topics such as the state of the economy, racism in southeast Michigan, the future of higher education. 

These lunches are free to students.  To register for a fall  or winter luncheon, please contact Seth Newell.


Fall 2014 Chancellor's Luncheons:

  • Thursday, September 25 at 12 pm in 1225 UC
  • Wednesday, October 29 at 12 pm in 1225 UC
  • Monday, December 1 at 12 pm in 1225 UC

Winter 2015 Chancellor's Luncheons:

  • Wednesday, January 28 at 12 pm in 1225 UC
  • Thursday, March 18 at 12 pm in Kochoff Hall A, UC
  • Monday, April 6 at 12 pm in Kochoff B