Walk-in and scheduled tutoring sessions available in Accounting, Business Economics, Finance and Decision Sciences.

Our tutors can help you learn and practice course material free of charge. These paid tutors have successful academic experience with the course material in ACC 298, ACC 299, BE 401, DS 301, DS 302, DS 520 and FIN 401. 

Walk-in help available in room 181-E FCS

  Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Walk-in hours 10:00 - 2:00 pm DS/FIN/BE DS/FIN/BE DS/FIN/BE DS/FIN/BE
Walk-in hours 2:00 - 5:00 pm ACC/BE/FIN/DS ACC/BE/FIN/DS ACC/BE/FIN/DS ACC/BE/FIN/DS


All walk-in and scheduled tutoring assistance take place in room 181-E, Fairlane Center South.
Note: during the week of finals tutoring will be by appointment only.

Individual tutoring by appointment

Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment using the links below.