Social Media

The university’s official social media presence is managed by the Office of Communications.

This includes the university’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. The Office of Communications also follows social media trends and looks for new opportunities to grow UM-Dearborn's social media presence. If you would like information from your department or program published or shared on these channels, please contact Kathryn Bourlier.

No new university-affiliated social media accounts may be launched without written approval of the Office of Communications. If you are interested in setting up a social media presence for your specific department, college unit or program, please complete the strategy outline from and seek approval from the Office of Communications and the senior administrator of your department, college, unit or program.

We are eager to build a community of UM-Dearborn groups using social media and to promote these channels.

Implementing New Accounts

New social media accounts that plan to use the UM-Dearborn name or branding require preapproval from the Office of External Relations.

Before getting started, ask yourself:

  • What do I wish to accomplish by having a social media account? Develop your strategy and outline your goals. A suggested strategy outline is available for you.

  • Do I have enough content to maintain a consistent social media presence, or would I be more successful running my content through more established UM-Dearborn accounts that reach a wider audience at the college or university level? Successful accounts post engaging content frequently: at least three times a week for Facebook and Instagram and more often for Twitter.

Those wishing to proceed with the creation of a new social media account should have the approval and support of the director, dean or other senior administrator of your unit.

The primary administrator(s) of the new social media account should then reach out to Kathryn Boulier to set up a meeting to review university guidelines and discuss best practices and expectations.

Users Group

The Office of Communications leads a working group of social media practitioners across the university. The goal of the group is to provide the practitioners with a forum to discuss social media tools and best practices, learn about new technologies, coordinate efforts and share information. The group meets regularly and also provides a resource for discussion and announcements.

Social Media Guidelines - Strategy, best practices and tools.

Every social media account associated with UM-Dearborn reflects on the university and impacts our reputation. This page contains the governing strategy, best practice guidelines, tools and resources to help ensure that all accounts follow university-wide standards for use, creation and management.


If you are unsure about the information you are posting or what medium would be best to get your message out, please contact Kathryn Boulier for guidance.