Campus Email

External Relations manage many email systems for campus. Systems and processes vary, depending on what audience you are trying to communicate with.

Faculty and Staff

List serv membership information and policies can be in the Campus Email Notification Policy and Procedure.

Additionally, External Relations manages the Emma email platform for campus units. For questions or help with Emma email marketing, please email [email protected].

Student Communications

All Students

Any communication to be sent to all students is to be sent through the Sunday all student newsletter. This newsletter is managed by the Dean of Students. You can submit your information through the request form.

Groups of Students

To send an email to a target group of students, campus partners will work with a digital communication specialist in External Relations. To make a request, please fill out the form with at minimum the required information. The digital communication specialist will work with you for any additional information, create the email and send you a proof, gather the appropriate data to create the defined audience, and send the email once the requestor approves the proof. If a communication can be planned ahead, we ask to please give us at least one week from the time a request is submitted to when it needs to be sent.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

My UM-Dearborn Tasks to Students

As the university tries to preserve tasks to essential items, a limited number of people are encouraged to submit requests for tasks. This includes:

  • Central supporting units
  • Academic advisors
    • Tasks should be discussed at the advisor working group meetings, and once a consensus is made in the group a representative should submit the request.

To submit a request please fill out the request form. Once submitted, it will be reviewed and someone will be in touch.