Contact Your Legislators

Make your voice heard!

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Consider contacting your local, state and federal elected officials to help share the impact UM-Dearborn has in Michigan or voice opposition to or support of pending legislation.

Who are my elected officials?

 You can find your elected officials by address or see elected officials for Dearborn.

Helpful tips

Send a real letter to your legislators. Real letters take more time as opposed to sending an e-mail message. Legislators and their staff understand the stronger commitment it takes to draft a physical letter. This shows you really care about the issue. However, if you are under time constraints, an e-mail is better than not contacting them at all.

Be brief and respectful. Legislative offices receive hundreds of letters per week. It’s important to address your issue in the first sentence of your letter. Be personal, professional and brief. Try to keep your letter to one page.

Tell your legislator who you are. Make sure you respectfully let the legislator know that you live in his/her district and let them know your connection to the University of Michigan-Dearborn, if relevant.

Use facts and examples to illustrate your point. Your opinion will be stronger when you include facts, a personal story or an anecdote to explain your point-of-view.

Include your contact information. Include your phone number, e-mail address and mailing address to ensure the legislator can respond to your issue.

Thank the legislator. Thank the legislator for taking time to read your letter and considering your point-of-view.

If you are unsure if your issue is a federal or state issue or have any other questions about contacting your legislators, please contact the Vice Chancellor for External Relations, Ken Kettenbeil.