Provost Fellows

The Provost Fellows program of the University of Michigan-Dearborn provides faculty members with an opportunity to experience both the challenges and rewards of administration in higher education.

The program furthermore provides the Office of the Provost with ongoing faculty involvement, advice, and counsel.

Provost Faculty Fellows participate in a full range of activities under the purview of Academic Affairs. Provost Fellows will make meaningful contributions to the campus by undertaking specific projects, as well as assisting with campus-wide academic initiatives and the development of innovations designed to better support the academic enterprise. The shape of projects and scope of work will vary with the experience, skills, and aspirations of individual faculty members. Fellows are generally awarded 2-4 course releases for the academic year to allow them time to fully engage in the program. In AY 23-24, we are seeking one fellow who will work on PBL, Urban Futures, course modalities, and expanding the opportunities for undergraduate research. The expectation is that the faculty fellow will be given, with the approval of their academic dean, three course releases for the academic year.

Goals of the Program

  • To provide faculty an opportunity to work with the Office of the Provost leadership and thereby experience the day-to-day working and decision-making processes of campus administration
  • To provide an avenue for faculty to determine potential interests in higher education leadership
  • To provide ongoing faculty involvement and contributions to Academic Affairs

Length of Service

Typically, Provost Fellows are engaged for one academic year.

Who is Eligible?

Any tenured member of the faculty appointed to the ranks of associate professor or professor is eligible to serve as a Provost Fellow.

Application and Selection Process
Faculty interested in participating in the Provost Fellows program can apply by uploading the following three documents to their application:

  • Statement of support from the appropriate college dean
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Brief statement of interest describing:
    • ​Relevant experience in college or university activities
    • Overarching goal(s) for participation in the program                        
    • Potential interest in entering higher education leadership

Please use this application form.

The deadline for applications is Friday, April 14, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact Mitch Sollenberger (msollenb) or Maureen Linker (mlinker).

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