Voter & Democratic Engagement

A crucial part of being an active citizen in our society is being engaged in the political and democratic process. Through voter engagement initiatives on campus, students have the opportunity to register to vote, engage in democratic learning, and develop as active citizens.

2021 Who's Who Guide

Wondering who your elected officials are? Check out the League of Women Voters guide 2021 Who's Who: Your Elected Officials. Use the contact information on this guide to make your voice heard! Don't live in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, or Inkster? Find your local league for a guide tailored to your city. 

Informed Voting Guide

What does informed voting mean? It means that you are knowledgeable about how to vote at the national and local level, what that process looks like, who the candidates are, what the major political issues are, and how to evaluate reliable and misinformation about candidates and issues.

The Mardigian Library's Informed Voting Guide will walk you through how to vote and how to evaluate information related to voting.

Office of Student Life

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