Teaching and Technology Tool Trials

The Teaching and Technology Tool Trials (TnT3) program is a way for digital education and partners to experiment and innovate with new tools for teaching (most will be integrated into Canvas). Technologies integrated under the program will be approved following the Integrating External Apps with the Learning Management System Policy, but will be offered on a trial or pilot basis and may or may not be available long-term.

While most technologies integrated under TnT3 will be available in Canvas for any faculty member on campus to use, in order to reflect on how they are being used and ascertain their effectiveness in teaching and learning, each technology will have a project lead. The project lead will provide training and support around the technology and work with faculty to assess the effectiveness in their courses. The effectiveness assessment along with financials will help determine whether the university officially adopts each technology at the end of the TnT3 time period.

Technology Tool TnT3 Time Period Project Lead

MiVideo Annotations

A new option to create "choose your own adventure" interactive video content.

Fall 2021 Christopher Casey


A STEM-focused platform which allows instructors to create their own content with visuals and also create assessments for students, including some "show your work" options.

Winter 2020 - Winter 2021 Christopher Casey

If you are interested in any of the technologies currently included in the TnT3 program, please contact the project lead listed in the table above for information, documentation or training opportunities.

Digital Education

1100 -
Social Sciences Building (SSB)
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