Student Printing - UPrint

UPrint is a networked printing service for students in all UM-Dearborn schools and colleges.
Registered students are allocated a 500 page quota each term (Winter, Fall, Spring/Summer)

What is UPrint?

  • Each term that you enroll in classes, you will be credited with $25 on the U-Print system.  
  •  Each time you print from a lab or library computer, your account will be debited $.05 for black/white or $.30 for color pages.  
  •  You can release your work immediately to a printer in the lab where you are located, or print later by releasing it later at any of the U-Print printers located throughout the campus. 
  • If you need to add more printing to your account, it can be done quickly online with a credit card or you can add funds at the Cashier's Office.

How Does UPrint Work?

When you need to print a document from a computer in one of the campus labs or the library, click on print as you would normally do.

Your print job will be stored in the FollowU queue until you are ready to print it.  Each of your print jobs will be held and available for 6 hours.  Anything not printed after 6 hours will be deleted from your queue.

  • Once you are ready to print, go to the release station at any UPrint printer.  Enter your uniqname and a list of all your pending print jobs in the queue will be displayed.  You can select them individually by clicking on Print to send it to the printer or Cancel to delete it.  You can also print all your jobs at one time by selecting the Print All at the bottom of the screen.
  • Your account will be immediately debited $.05 for each page on a black/white printer, and $.30 for each page printed on a color printer.  Duplex printing is also available if you want your pages printed on both sides.  Your account will be debited the standard page cost for each side.
  •  UPrint's default setting automatically prints in black/white.  If you want color printing or 2-sided duplex printing, you must choose one of the alternate printers at the time you print.  Color and duplex printers are not available in all locations.  But you can have your print job held in the FollowU queue and release it from your selected printer in a different location.

UPrint and Faculty

All faculty are provisioned with an account in UPrint.  All accounts show an initial balance of $25, but faculty accounts are "unrestricted", which allows printing over the 500 page limit in campus computer labs and the library.  

Note:  UPrint  is a student printing service available in computer labs, the library, and a select number of public printers.  It is separate and does not affect printing within faculty offices.