Rules of Conduct

Students using the ITS Computer labs are required to comply with the following rules of conduct.  ITS Student Lab Counselors have responsibility for enforcing these rules, and will notify lab users if they are in violation.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in removal from the labs, termination of access, loss of computing privileges, disciplinary review, expulsion, legal action, termination of employment, or other disciplinary action.


ITS Computer Labs serve as a shared study area, where noise must be kept to a minimum.  In consideration of other students working in the lab, you are expected to speak softly and limit conversation with others.  You may not play music in the lab.  Persons making excessive noise and disturbing others will be asked to leave the lab. Repeat offenders will have their accounts revoked or restricted.

Food and Drink

No food or uncovered drinks are allowed in the computer labs. Uncovered drinks or any type of food should be left outside the labs or left on the tables at the lab entrances.


UM-Dearborn's campus, including the computer lab is a smoke-free zone. There will be no smoking, chewing tobacco or other tobacco products allowed in the lab at any time.

Children in the Labs

Children are allowed in the computer lab when accompanied by a parent, but are prohibited from using any University computer equipment or systems.  ITS reserves the right to request that children be removed from the lab if their presence creates a disturbance.

Copyright and Licensing

The University enforces legal protections provided by copyright and licensing of computer programs and data.  No copying of any software from the computer lab will be allowed. Any user caught making illegal copies will be subject to disciplinary action.

Storing Files and Data

Saving data files on any public computer lab machine is prohibited.  You may create and save personal files to portable media, or other storage space.

Logging In

Students are required to log into ITS computer lab machines and systems with their uniqname and UMICH password.  You may not use someone else's login and password to access University computer systems.  You may not allow anyone to use your login and password to University computer systems.  Violation of these rules can result in serious disciplinary action.

Logging Out

You must log out of the system when you leave the computer labs -- even if only for a short time.  Failure to do so may result in someone else accessing your account without your knowledge.  Computers may not be saved for your use while you are away from the lab.  You are responsible for any violation of University policies that occur with your account, even when you did not perform the action.

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