University IT Policies & Standards

The University of Michigan has established policies which govern the use of computing resources by faculty, staff, and students, who have the responsibility to use them in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Many of these policies are provided to students when they are admitted, and it is their responsibility to read and understand them fully. These policies are based on standards of common sense and common courtesy for all members of the University community, who are expected to use the computing resources with respect for privacy and the public trust. Violations of these policies may result in termination of access, disciplinary review, expulsion, legal action, termination of employment, or other disciplinary action. Specific questions can be directed to the ITS Service Desk or IT User Advocate in Ann Arbor.

As a member of the University community, you are expected:

  • To respect the privacy of other users.
  • To respect the rights of other users.
  • To respect the legal protection provided by copyright and licensing of data and programs.
  • To respect the intended use of resources.
  • To respect the intended use of systems for electronic exchange, such as email.
  • To respect the integrity of the system or network.
  • To respect the financial structure of a computing or networking system.
  • To adhere to all general University policies and procedures.

UM-Dearborn IT Policies


In accordance with University policies, ITS has the responsibility to provide consistent and secure delivery of computing resources to the UM-Dearborn campus community. Our goal is to develop the best approach for secure administration of the campus network and central services. ITS works with UM-Dearborn schools and departments to formulate security standards and network standards that will help minimize vulnerabilities and disruption of service, and will ensure optimum reliability, functionality, and use of resources.

We have also developed recommended hardware and software standards that will work most effectively with campus systems, such as Banner, Windows XP, Apple Mac OSX, and the ITS standard software image. We encourage the use of these standards, which ultimately result in the most consistent and responsive support for the campus community.

UM-Dearborn IT Standards

Proposed Standards

As new standards are developed, they will be posted for input and comment from the campus community before being implemented.

Select U-M IT Policies and Standards

The below policies are applicable to all U-M campuses.

Information Security Policies and Standards

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