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Staff Working Remotely

How can I access collaboration tools such as email, Box/Google, or phone or video-conferencing systems?
Do I need to install and connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN)? How do I do this?
  • You must have the VPN installed and connected in order to access some key University systems from home, including but not limited to WebFocus, Banner INB, Perceptive Content, Automic/UC4, the AccessIT! door access system, and mapping network drives such as g:\, s:\, h:\.
  • You should also connect via VPN when conducting any University business such as email, editing files with confidential information, etc., from public wireless networks such as at airports, coffee shops, hotels, or home wifi with no password.
  • University-managed Windows laptops have the GlobalProtect VPN pre-installed; just select the globe icon in your Windows toolbar at the bottom right of your screen and connect using your Uniqname and password. 
  • On University-managed Mac laptops, the GlobalProtect client is a globe icon on the menu bar (top right-hand side of the screen); select it and connect using your uniqname and password. If prompted, the portal is “”
  • For personal, non-University managed computers, install and connect the GlobalProtect VPN using these instructions.
How can I update my two-factor authentication preferences so I can use it at home?
  • Update your Duo settings to accommodate working remotely. For example, if you currently opt to use a landline phone, you may wish to add a mobile phone number as an option.
How can I access files stored on shared network drives?

We strongly recommend placing files in Dropbox or Google Drive for the easiest accessibility while working remotely. Use the instructions below if you need to access files on the shared network drives (eg, g:\, s:\, h:\). Please note that you must have the VPN installed and connected before mapping or accessing network drives.

Where can I find links to UM-Dearborn enterprise applications?
Can I check my UM-Dearborn work voicemail remotely?
When making business phone calls from home, how can I hide or mask my home phone number?
  • Dial *67 + the phone number
  • Masks the outgoing number for just that phone call on both iPhone and Android devices as well as most landline phones
Can I install Microsoft or Adobe applications on my personal computer?
  • You can download, install, and activate Microsoft Office products to your computer from this web page. Scroll down to "Downloading the Local Applications" section of the webpage.
  • For instructions on using Adobe on your personal computer, visit


How can I use Microsoft Access reports from home?
  • In order to use Microsoft Access reports connected to University data sets such as Banner, make sure the reports are stored on an encrypted University laptop. Connect the VPN prior to accessing the database.
How can I use my phone to create a wi-fi hotspot?
Can I use wi-fi on the UM-Dearborn campus?
  • Wi-fi is available in all campus buildings
  • Outdoor wifi is available in the Fairlane Center parking lots, the Fairlane Center courtyard, and the Chancellor’s Pond courtyard.
  • See connection instructions if you need help connecting to Wi-Fi.

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