Project Request & Status

Projects Requests are used to request ITS development such as enhancements to administrative systems, major patches or upgrades, or data services such as third party integrations.

  • REVIEW: All new requests will be reviewed and assessed for general size, feasibility, and priority, but will remain the project request backlog until ITS and departmental resources are available to work on it. A project request may be withdrawn or converted to a service request if the project is not feasible or if it is determined to be small in scope.
  • ANALYSIS: Once ITS and departmental resources are available, the request becomes an Active Project with a status of Analysis. During this phase, any specific details (aka business requirements) is gathered. A project timeline and project plan may be devised, depending on the type of project and what research and testing is required.
  • IN PROCESS: When appropriate, a project plan is reviewed by ITS and the requestor. Once approved, by the project team the project status will be updated to In Process. The assigned IT staff will work with the requestor to complete the project in accordance with any project plan.
  • USER TESTING: The final project phase is User Testing. In general projects are moved to the User Testing phase once primary development is completed and the project is waiting for final user acceptance testing before being moved to production. Note some large project may require an iterative project plan with multiple phases of development and user acceptance testing.

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