Network System Services

ITS Network services develops and supports network systems for building, server and, core infrastructures. This includes routing to the internet, network distribution to and throughout campus buildings, wireless, firewalls, Voice or IP, email, files storage, group directories and, much more.

UMD Wireless

 UMD-Wireless  uses web-based authentication to allow access to the network.  Other than your login, no network-level encryption is provided when using UMD-Wireless.  Because UMD-Wireless connections are not encrypted it is recommended that you always use UMD-Secure to connect to the WiFi.

To Connect to UMD-Wireless

Turn on your computer or network device.
Turn on the WiFi connection for your device.
Associate with the UMD-Wireless Network SSID.
Open a web browser and try to access any external web page (i.e.
You will automatically be directed to the login page.
Enter your U-M uniqname and UMich password and click the Submit button.

For Assistance or Questions:

Contact the ITS Help Desk at
313-593-HELP (4357)


ITS is now offering a new, more secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which will be automatically installed on your campus computer. Step-by-step instructions for a personal computer can be found here. When should I use the VPN?

  • When using University systems or transmitting personal data while off-campus, or while using unencrypted campus wi-fi (umd-wireless).  

  • When accessing IT applications that are otherwise only available while on campus.

  • While travelling overseas and/or while in a foreign country (Travel safe with technology).

For more information on how to ensure the security of your internet connection, consult this link.

**For Windows 7 machines, after this new application is installed you will see a notification bubble  displaying a  “disconnected” message every time that you log into your computer.  To disable this notification, please do the following

  • Go to Start, type in notification, select notification area icons
  • Set GlobalProtect Client to "Hide icon and notifications"