Welcome Home, Wolverine!

Welcome to the University of Michigan-Dearborn!

We are so excited that you have decided to be part of our great community! The Office of Student Life (OSL) is here to make new students’ transition from high school or another institution as smooth and successful as possible! The First Year Programs and New Student Engagement experiences offered by the Office of Student Life will help you jumpstart your collegiate journey and assist with laying the groundwork for your future!

Your First Year Experience

Going to college for the first time or transferring to a new college is a challenging process—a process that often comes with many emotions. The Office of Student Life (OSL) provides new students plenty of resources and support to adjust during this transition.

Within these pages you will discover some of the highlights of the new student experience  and how to make the most of your first year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn! Find ways to be academically successful, civically engaged, and socially savvy on campus and in the surrounding communities!

Partner First Year Programs


The Wolverines. Orientation. Wilderness. (W.O.W.) Program is an optional four-day outdoor adventure/college prep experience for incoming freshman students. Learn more here.

DUCC Mentoring

DUCC mentoring is a first year mentoring program to connect incoming students to current UM-Dearborn students. 


As a new student, you are formally welcomed at the UM-Dearborn at the New Student Convocation. Learn more here.

Welcome Week

Join us for over a full week of activities, fairs, food and fun all across campus!

Leadership Programs

The OSL leadership programs create leaders who are socially responsible, critical thinkers. They inspire conscientious and engaged citizens, preparing students to lead with purpose. Learn more here.

Alternative Spring Break

Instead of doing the usual spring break routine, you can get off the beaten track and make your break matter by joining a specially-designed volunteer project! An Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a week-long service experience designed to connect students and community members. Learn more here.

For Family & Friends of Wolverines

Sending your Wolverine off to school isn't just a new experience for your student, but  a new experience for you too. There's lots to learn of resources on campus to learn about, experiences to have, and ways to help you transition. Stay in the know about what your Wolverine is experiencing on campus, and to help you in your transition. The Office of Student Life has developed a newsletter for family and friends that you can sign up for below. 

Office of Student Life

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