Welcome Home, Wolverine!

Welcome to the University of Michigan-Dearborn!

We are so excited that you have decided to be part of our great community! The Office of Student Life (OSL) is here to make new students’ transition from high school or another institution as smooth and successful as possible! The First Year Programs and New Student Engagement experiences offered by the Office of Student Life will help you jumpstart your collegiate journey and assist with laying the groundwork for your future!

Your First Year Experience

Going to college for the first time or transferring to a new college is a challenging process—a process that often comes with many emotions. The Office of Student Life (OSL) provides new students plenty of resources and support to adjust during this transition.

Within these pages you will discover some of the highlights of the new student experience  and how to make the most of your first year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn! Find ways to be academically successful, civically engaged, and socially savvy on campus and in the surrounding communities!

Brigit Bradakis

Name: Brigit Bradakis
Majors: Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering
Year in School: Senior

My name is Brigit Bradakis and I work on the New Student Engagement Team as a Lead Mentor for the DUCC Mentoring Program.

"What I love most about this university is the community. I came to UM-Dearborn because of my first visit to campus. It reminded me of home and the conventions I attend. The energy and the people were welcoming and I really felt at home. UM-Dearborn really has become my second home."


Dania Shami

My name is Dania Shami. I am a part of the New Student Engagement team serving as a Student Assistant for First Year Programming in the Office of Student Life. Specifically, I help manage the CRUISE to Success Program and help create other events for students to engage in on/off campus. Before, I worked with the Office Management team in OSL but now I've been given the pleasure to work more directly with students through the position I have now. I've been employed at the University of Michigan since August 2018.

"What I love most about this university is how diverse and welcoming the people are. It's unlike other communities where you feel like you are alone and don't have others to relate to, this campus attests truly to making people feel like they belong to a community and bringing people of different backgrounds together."



Zahraa Al-Beedani

Zahraa Al-Beedani is a fourth year psychology major that works as a Student Assistant for First Year Programming as well as a Student Org Consultant. 

Most of my work revolves around the Engaged Scholar Community and creating new programs and initiatives for student organizations and first year students. My favorite part of working at the OSL has to be my coworkers. They inspire me to ask questions, push myself, and take creative risks. I believe that involvement on campus means making the most out of every opportunity to grow and learn on campus and utilizing these experiences to become the best version of yourself.  

"What I love most about this university is the sense of community on campus. It's a small campus so the connections you make seem to go a long way. One connection can lead to 4 new connections. The network and the people here are so warm and welcoming. I absolutely love how open people generally are and how willing they are to lend a helping hand."


Sara Dokter

Sara Dokter and I am the Office of Student Life Fraternity and Sorority Life Student Assistant. She help create programs for Greek Life, plan events, and workshops that might be useful for anyone in Greek Life or interested in learning more about it. Additionally, Sara works with the New Student Engagement team. her role there is to create transfer student programs for any current and incoming transfer students.

"What I love most about UM-Dearborn is how welcoming it is. I had moved here and didn't know anyone, but people came up to me and got to know me. Additionally, a lot of the programs that OSL offered helped me to become more social and become more of a leader not only within my academics but also my personal life."


Racheal Armstrong

My name is Racheal Armstrong  and I am a graduate student at Eastern Michigan University. I will be graduating April 2021 with my Master’s in higher education and student affairs. I will be working with the New Student Engagement Team as the graduate intern. I was a peer academic advisor while earning my undergraduate degree and found my passion in student affairs. I love being able to help students navigate their college journey and make a positive impact on their experience. Outside of school and student affairs, I enjoy running and I am a big Star Wars fan. I am excited to be a part of this team and cannot wait to work with everyone!


Office of Student Life

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