Leadership Advisory Board

Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) is a key component of the Scholar Community. LAB allows Engaged Scholars  to take on a high level leadership role within the Program, to help the program further develop and evolve. The Leadership Advisory Board consists of the Program's President, Vice-President, and the chairs of the following committees; Metropolitan Impact, Program Engagement, Academic & Professional Development, Fundraising & Recognition, and Social Media & Marketing.

Together, these members work to ensure that the overall flow of programmatic components of the Engaged Scholar Community run smoothly by developing new ideas and running programs. 


Dayvion Pritchett, President

Dayvion Pritchett is a junior majoring in Computer Science. His goals for the Engaged Scholars Program are to bring all E-Scholars together and to form a close knit community. One of Dayvion's favorite hobbies is playing video games. 

Omari Johnson, Vice President

I'm Omari Johnson and I'm a Junior studying pre-business in the College of Business (COB). My goals as Vice President include building relationships with fellow scholars, hosting social events that students will enjoy, showcasing student ideas and activities throughout the school year, and being a leader that scholars can come to. To me,  involvement means building upon relationships with people you know or new people and enjoying yourself. Fun Fact: During my Freshman year, I became known as Steve Harvey because of my big personality and a hobbies

Zainab Radi, Academic & Professional Development Chair

My name is Zainab Radi, I am a Junior majoring in Marketing & Supply Chain Management. Involvement to me means getting a grasp of the community I am in, learning from it, and then giving back as much as I can to the organizations that gave me so much as a student!

Dina Kanso, Metropolitan Impact Chair

Dina Kanso is majoring in health and human services major with a concentration in public health.  She is a member of the BuildON movement on campus as well a member of the Public Health Society and Medlife. Dina loves to sketch and paint and enjoys reading books; it’s her own way to suppress my stress.

LAB Position Descriptions

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