Whether you're looking to re-register your organization, create a new organization, or explore what it takes to become a Sponsored Student Organization - you've come to the right place!

The University of Michigan - Dearborn has two types of student organizations, sponsored (SSO) and registered (RSO). All student organizations must be registered and recognized by the Office of Student Life (OSL).  Organizations must be re-registered annually and go through an annual constitution review. 

Becoming an Organization

So you've explored the organizations UM-Dearborn has to offer and discovered that what you were hoping to find doesn't yet exist. Creating a new organization does not have to be scary or difficult. We've compiled a number of resources to help you along the way. You'll also want to check out VictorsLink for additional resources and to understand all it has to offer once you become a registered organization.

The Office of Student Life recognizes two types of organizations, Registered Student Organizations and Sponsored Student Organizations.

Registered Student Organization (RSO): Registered Student Organizations are un-sponsored organizations recognized by the Office of Student Life. RSOs are formed by a minimum of five enrolled students who share a common purpose. RSOs are classified as one of the following categories: Hobbies & recreation; Social Activism & Civic Engagement; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Academic; Fraternity & Sorority; Professional & Honorary; Health & Wellness.

RSO Benefits
  • Ability to reserve a locker and/or cubicle in the Student Organization Center (SOC)
  • Able to obtain funding from the Student Organization Advisory Council (SOAC), at SOAC’s discretion
  • Access to an organization-specific page in the Office of Student Life’s organization platform, VictorsLink
  • Access to a University Agency account and shortcode to be used for organization business
  • Ability to reserve university meeting/program spaces through University Unions & Events, at no cost
  • Receive special pricing through Picasso Restaurant Group for event catering
  • Ability to participate in university-wide programs, such as involvement fairs

Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) - Sponsored Student Organizations are registered student organizations that have a substantial relationship with a sponsoring University department. In order to be considered an SSO, the sponsoring unit must provide the organization with one or more of the following: operating budget/financial sponsorship, office space, logo use, and/or staff advisor. Being an SSO indicates that an office/department views the organization as tied so closely with the sponsor’s mission that the organization is essentially a part of the office. Receiving this classification requires a formal agreement between the sponsoring department and student organization.

Benefits beyond that of an RSO:
  • Official University logo use
  • One or more of the following from a sponsoring unit
    • Operating Budget
    • Office Space
    • Sponsoring Unit Logo Use
    • Staff Advisor
  • Possible access to a University program account, simplifying financial sponsorships and larger fundraising efforts

These benefits will vary by organization and by the sponsoring department, and will be defined through the Sponsored Organization Agreement.

Organization Requirements

Registered Student Organizations have a number of annual requirements that must be completed and upheld in order to maintain their recognition. The primary requirement is completing annual re-registration, as a part of re-registration organizations will fulfill a majority of the other requirements listed below.

The re-registration process is completed annually, on a rolling basis, via VictorsLink.

Create and/or Update an Organization Constitution

A constitution provides an organization with a framework through which it can operate year after year. It provides guidance on elections, finances and more. For new organizations, you will go through a process with our Organization Consultants to create your constitution; for continuing organizations you will want to annually review your constitution to make updates and ensure it still is appropriate for the organization and that it follows the constitution requirements of the OSL.

Identify a President, Treasurer, & Advisor

All RSOs must inform the Office of Student Life of their President, Treasurer, and Advisor during the registration process. Additionally, if the holder of these roles changes throughout the year the organization is responsible for informing OSL of the change via the Change in Officer or Advisor form, which is found on VictorsLink.

Identify Organization Authorized Signers

In order to be considered in good standing with the Office of Student Life, all student organizations are required to have a minimum of two and a maximum of three authorized signers, all of whom must be currently enrolled students. The Treasurer (or the organization chief financial officer) is required to be one of the authorized signers. The other authorized signer(s) can be any executive board member. Each Authorized Signer must fill out the Authorized Signer Agreement Form, found in Victors Link, and receive necessary financial training from the Office of Student Life. As appropriate, individuals may serve as an authorized signer for up to 3 organizations.

Please consult the full Authorized Signers Policy for additional information.

Submit an Organization Roster

While registering, you will be required to submit a roster of at least 5 members via the VictorsLink process. 5 members is the minimum number required to maintain good standing, though we recommend that organizations maintain their full rosters in VictorsLink to enhance your ability to communicate with and maintain your organization membership.

Participate in OSL Organization Training

It is required that various members of your organization complete training with the Office of Student Life. Historically, this training has been completed via the in person SOLID conference. However, we have modified this training approach based upon feedback to best serve you as an organization leader.

Presidents will be required to complete specific trainings, as will the Treasurer and authorized signers. Other members are welcome to participate as well, though it will not be required. Additionally, Advisors are encouraged to complete training modules but are not required to do so. By going above and beyond the requirements, org leaders, members and others will be able to earn recognition as individuals and for their organization.

Office of Student Life

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