Dual enrollment provides an excellent and affordable opportunity for high school and homeschooled students with demonstrated academic potential to enroll in select UM-Dearborn courses while completing their high school graduation requirements.

Supplement and enrich your educational experience by pursuing challenging college course work. Admission as a dual enrolled student is a special non-degree status. You are expected to complete all graduation requirements mandated by your high school.

Great Benefits

As a dual-enrollee, you are granted full privileges of UM-Dearborn students, including use of the library and recreational facilities and the opportunity to purchase student tickets to cultural and athletic events. After graduation, we strongly encourage you to pursue your Michigan degree. Your application will be given priority consideration. You will be granted admission, provided you meet the minimum admission criteria and the credits you earned during dual enrollment will already be on your transcript, saving you time and money!

Admissions Criteria

Seniors and Juniors: 

  • 3.0 or greater GPA posted on high school transcript.
  • Students who are below a 3.0 will be reviewed on a case by case basis with possible items such as test assessments scores including ACT, SAT, PSAT, Explore, PLAN, Compass or Accuplacer, personal virtual interview with an Admissions representative, and/or a typed personal statement being requested.

Sophomores and Freshmen: 

  • 3.9 or greater posted GPA on high school transcript.
  • A typed personal statement (up to 500 words) clarifying the student's interest in and commitment to taking college-level course(s).
  • Final approval by Director or Associate Director of Admissions.
  • Optional: additional assessment scores if available: i.e. Explore, Plan, ACT, Compass, MME, PSAT, SAT, or Accuplacer.

Additional Information

  • You must receive a grade of C or higher in your dual enrollment course(s) at UM-Dearborn to be eligible to register for the next semester. 
  • Anyone who receives below a C grade will be contacted by the Dual Enrollment Coordinator after grades are posted. 
  • You must submit a new application, worksheet, and updated transcript each semester you wish to enroll.
Applying for Admission
Apply as early as possible. The deadlines to have completed an application and submitted all documents are:
  • Summer I - April 28
  • Summer II - June 23
  • Fall Semester - August 15
  • Winter Semester - December 15

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will accept electronic forms received directly from the high school. Please follow the steps below to complete your application:

  1. Online Non-Degree Application - select "Dual Enrollment."
  2. Download the Course Permission and Calculation Worksheet.
    • Complete the student portion then type your initials for the signature and have your parent initial and date the Parent section. Email the form to your high school. They will complete their section and email the form to umd-admissions@umich.edu.
  3. Transcripts (including test scores, if applicable) can also be sent by email directly from your school to umd-admissions@umich.edu.
  4. Personal statement (freshmen or sophomores only) emailed to umd-admissions@umich.edu.

No decision will be made until ALL items have been completed and received.


UM-Dearborn is committed to making Dual Enrollment affordable for students. 

  • Once enrolled, a new scholarship for 50% of tuition and fees will be applied to your account. No additional application required.
  • Talk to your principal or counselor about additional funding that may be available through your high school.
Course Information
  • Please consult your high school with any restrictions on the courses you can take as a Dual Enrollment student
  • All students must meet the prerequisite for each course they would like to take


  • Understanding Society (Sociology 200)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (Philosophy 100)
  • Ethics (Philosophy 240)
  • Principles of Speech Communication (Speech 101)
  • Introduction to Anthropology (Anthropology 101)
  • Calculus I (Math 115)*
  • Calculus II (Math 116)*
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (CCJ 200)
  • Beginning Spanish I (Spanish 101)
  • Introduction to American Government (Political Science 101)
  • Introduction to African American Literature I (African and African-American Studies 239)
  • Writing and Rhetoric I (Composition 105)
    *Placement exam required
Admitted Students

You will be notified of your admission status and registration steps by email after you are admitted. 

To see complete information about all of your next steps, visit here.

“The more exposure we give high school students to the college classroom before graduating, the greater the likelihood those students will pursue a degree later on. Having Dual Enrollment students in a college-level classroom is an amazing thing for our whole community.”

Martin Hershock
Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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