High School Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment provides an excellent and affordable opportunity for high school and homeschooled students with demonstrated academic potential to enroll in select UM-Dearborn courses while completing their high school graduation requirements.

Supplement and enrich your educational experience by pursuing challenging college course work. Admission as a dual enrolled student is a special non-degree status. You are expected to complete all graduation requirements mandated by your high school.

Virtual Dual Enrollment Session

On April 3, 2024 a virtual Dual Enrollment information session was held. This session was designed for high school sophomores and juniors interested in learning more about taking Dual Enrollment Courses at the University of Michigan-Dearborn during the 2024-2025 school year. More information about course opportunities, admissions criteria, application process, and available scholarships for prospective dual enrollment students was discussed. If you missed the event and are interested in Dual Enrollment, please watch the recording below.

Watch the April 3, 2024 Virtual Dual Enrollment Session

Great Benefits

As a dual-enrollee, you are granted full privileges of UM-Dearborn students, including use of the library and recreational facilities and the opportunity to purchase student tickets to cultural and athletic events. After graduation, we strongly encourage you to pursue your Michigan degree. Your application will be given priority consideration. You will be granted admission, provided you meet the minimum admission criteria and the credits you earned during dual enrollment will already be on your transcript, saving you time and money!

Martin Hershock
“The more exposure we give high school students to the college classroom before graduating, the greater the likelihood those students will pursue a degree later on. Having Dual Enrollment students in a college-level classroom is an amazing thing for our whole community.”

Martin Hershock, Ph.D.
Professor of History
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

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