Student Researchers

Student work is supported by iLabs staff, iLabs alumni, and faculty advisors. Current and former students across campus have taken advantage of the opportunity to take iLabs as a course for 3-credit hours. Since 2006, more than 200 students have worked on iLabs projects, including the College of Business Experiential Education Study, the eCities Project, and the College of Business Marketing Strategy Initiative. Despite the wide-range of research opportunities, iLabs students can expect to work on projects with real-world value!

All iLabs students treat participation in the course as an applied internship. Each student becomes an iLabs' Student Researcher and has the opportunity to be directly involved in the design, administration, analysis, and presentation of a broad-range of projects. The unique skills that iLabs Student Researchers gain from participating in iLabs do not come from lectures or assignments, they are developed and earned by completing an iLabs research project.

iLabs team visits J.D. Power office

Hear what former Student Researchers had to say about their iLabs experience!

"iLabs was a great experience in project management and using real world data. It was an awesome experience to work together as a team and analyze/present data for the benefit of the school."

"iLabs was awesome, would do it over again because I learned a lot. This experience has probably complimented if not exceeded in usefulness and relevance for interviews I've had and jobs I am applying for."

"The hands on experience with iLabs confirmed that marketing was something I really wanted to do and gave me real world experience. It has absolutely helped me with my job today."

“iLabs provided me with an experience of what it would be like to work at a market research firm. I was able to analyze real data and come up with solutions for real clients.”

“On behalf of our student team, I can confidently say this is one of the most meaningful projects we have worked on in our academic careers at UM-Dearborn. It truly showcases the impact an organization can make on the community.”

“Working at iLabs allows me to see how things in real life are done or can be done better. At the end, I could feel a satisfaction of delivering a final report that would help make a difference.”

 "I have learned some very valuable hard and soft skills and would highly recommend the class."


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