The original University of Michigan colors were described in 1867 as “Azure Blue” and “Maize,” two standard artist’s oil colors of the day. The blue was described as being “the blue of a summer sky” and the maize as “the yellow of ripe corn.” These colors are represented today on the university flag and the ribbons affixed to diplomas.

Primary Palette - Signature Colors

In general, the Block M is in maize and the logotype component is in blue. University of Michigan-Dearborn logos use the following color combinations for uncoated and coated stock. 

Coated and Uncoated Stock = PMS 282 (blue) and PMS 7406 (maize)

Michigan Blue
PMS: 282
C100 / M60 / Y0 / K60
HEX: 00274c

Michigan Maize
PMS: 7406
C0 / M18 / Y100 / K0
HEX: ffcb05

Note: The UM-Dearborn blue can turn purple and yellow to orange when printed on some materials. To obtain the best color representation, please ask your printer to "match the PMS color" and provide you with a color proof (non-electronic). If you need help proofing the colors, please contact the Communications and Marketing office.

Note: HEX colors are used for the web.

Secondary Palette - Supporting Colors

The colors in the secondary palette were chosen to complement our primary palette of maize and blue, providing additional range to the brand. These colors work well as accent colors or as subtle backgrounds behind typography or graphics. Darker colors may be used behind light-colored typography.

Neutral and Muted Colors

Umma Tan
PMS: 7502
C6 / M14 / Y39 / K8
HEX: cfc096

Burton Tower Beige
PMS: 451
C21 / M15 / Y54 / K31
HEX: 9b9a6d

The Rock Gray
PMS: Cool Gray 7
C20 / M14 / Y12 / K40
HEX: 989c97

Angell Hall Ash
PMS: Warm Gray 6
C14 / Y19 / M21 / K39
HEX: a79d96

Law Quad Stone
PMS: Warm Gray 11
C26 / M36 / Y38 / K68
HEX: 655a52

Puma Black
PMS: Black 6
C100 / M79 / Y44 / K93

Hill Brown
PMS: 483
C21 / M80 / Y81 / K69
HEX: 7a121c

LSA Orange
PMS: 471
C5 / M71 / Y100 / K23
HEX: cc6600

Archway Ivy
PMS: 3995
C23 / M25 / Y100 / K67
HEX: 7e732f

Rackham Roof Green
PMS: 5565
C44 / M12 / Y34 / K24
HEX: 83b2a8

Canham Pool Blue
PMS: 646
C72 / M31 / Y3 /  K12
HEX: 587abc

Matthaei Violet
PMS: 668
C70 / M77 / Y7 / K23
HEX: 575294

Metallic Color

Diag M Metallic
PMS: 872

Bright Colors

Tappan Red
PMS: 484
C8 / M92 / Y100 / K33

Ross School Orange
PMS: 1595
C0 / M71 / Y100 / K3

Wave Field Green
PMS: 398
C14 / M6 / Y100 / K24

Taubman Teal
PMS: 326
C81 / M0 / Y39 / K0

Arboretum Blue
PMS: 660
C88 / M50 / Y0 / K0

Ann Arbor Amethyst
PMS: 2603
C72 / M99 / Y0 / K3

It's important to remember that the secondary color palette is just that: a secondary choice to accent and complement our maize and blue. An overpowering use of certain secondary colors and color combinations can resemble the branding of other higher education institutions.

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